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TerraQuant MQ2000 is a medical device intended to professional and home use which is based on Quantum Medicine Technology. TerraQuant combines together low level laser radiation, infrared radiation, visible red light and static magnetic fields. Incorporating these four modalities in on apparatus provide a synergic therapeutic effects. This enables TerraQuant to achieve rapid and efficient clinical effects within a relatively short time.

Quantum Medicine is particularly effective in situations where cell tissue has become inflamed. Inflammation of cell tissue is caused by reduced microcirculation, which changes the quantity of the blood supply to the cells, resulting in ischemic injury. Any influence that can shorten the duration of the ischemic state will have a beneficial effect on the course of the disease and the accompanying pain.

Quantum Medicine improves microcirculation, which removes toxic waste products from the site, and improves the supply of oxygen to the hypoxic cells, all within a few hours of irradiation to the painful tissue. As a result, the tissue is cured and the pain disappears. These outcomes are achieved through chemical processes in the cells that are responsive to biophotons, leading to renewed energy production (ATP) and restoration of all impaired cellular functions. Quantum Medicine is a non-invasive, drug-free, pain-free and surgery-free therapy that is beginning to revolutionize healing in modern medicine.

TerraQuant offers 5 preset programs to choose from , which have been preset for treatment of different conditions – acute pain, chronic pain, skin and wound care, anti aging and cosmetics nad specific treatment program. Each program uses different pulse frequencies and has different treatment session durations. Variation of the pulse frequencies (5-3000Hz/Sec)
alters the depth of penetration of the laser light. TerraQuant is very easy to use and can be used without medical supervision at home or by a health professional or therapist at a clinic or hospital.

Handy Cure s' is a medical device designed principally for the Home Healthcare market to relieve pain and treat a wide range of symptoms. It is based on the technology used in TerraQuant MQ2000. Handy Cure s' can be operated for up to 18 hours using a rechargeable lithium battery. This gives the Handy Cure s' the advantage of being portable, so you can treat yourself where and when you want to. (everywhere and all the time).

Handy Cure s' contains three treatment programs, which have been preset for different clinical conditions. Each program uses different pulse frequencies (5-250 Hz/Sec).

Typical pain-producing conditions which are treated by Handy Cure s' include:

  • Spinal diseases comprising early osteochondrosis, scoliosis, intervertebral disk hernia, post-traumatic pain, carriage disorders, radiculitis, ischialgia
  • Joint diseases, such as arthritis, arthrosis, coxarthrosis, contractures, myositis.
  • Muscle and ligament strains.

Handy Cure s' is low cost, compact, easy and safe to use.

Use of TerraQuant or Handy Cure s' increases the speed, quality and strength of cell tissue repair, increases blood supply to the affected area, stimulates the immune system, stimulates nerve function, develops collagen and muscle tissue, helps generate new healthy cells and tissue and promotes faster wound healing and clot formation. This method can even provide significant results for the elderly, or patients suffering from long term illnesses or cell damage, even in cases that were previously considered to be hopeless.

Both of the devices are approved by the FDA, CE, CSA & TGA.

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