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Medical Quant|Self Health Treatment and Monitoring|Handy Cure|Terra Quant - By Chele Garcia on July 25, 2017

Self Health Treatment and Monitoring


So I've been having my husband use this for about month now... 3x a day. I am extremely impressed. We've tried all the over the counter products and a lot of prescription products. But let me say the with in one month we have seen such an improvement . More noticeable so far than anything else.
It's is so simple to use. It's like a blood pressure gusts you see at a dr office. Just clip on your toes. Absolutely painless.
I have not had the battery to die . Actually have only charged it once. My husband drives a truck for a living. He will put it in and actually drive . It's small and not big and clunky. Perfect size actually. I am going to post pics of before and after on his toe nail.
But I highly suggest spending the extra money on this treatment than buying so many other products that do not work. I highly recommend !!

Chele Garcia