Self Health Treatment and Monitoring


Dear Sir,

Approximately one year ago, when working intensively in the emergency room, I suffered three spinal disc herniations. Since then, I went through dozens of treatments, but the intense pain was relentless. In the midst of despair, suffering and excruciating pain, which paralyzed me for many weeks, depriving me of my quality of life, I started using the Handy Cure device. Of course, being a man of science and medicine, I was skeptical, just as most orthopedic operations do not bring about a significantimprovement in the patient's condition, and as orthopedic surgery often entail a difficult and long process, which in many cases, does not offer a remedy. With this skepticism I started using the device. At first I did not feel any difference, but within approximately two months, I experienced a tremendous improvement in my condition. I can now perform 26 consecutive hours of emergency room shifts, I can wake up in the morning with intense pain and difficulties in movement, and within about 15 minutes of using the device, the pain subsides, and I can simply function again. I admit, as a man of medicine, that this could be the work of the placebo effect. However, the failure of so many treatments I went through, from steroid injections, to medications such as Arcoxia and Etopan for long periods, with no improvement; shiatsu, acupuncture, physiotherapy and swimming - all these failed to significantly improve my condition; this leads me to the most logical conclusion, which is that the
device functions very positively. I had no and have no business relationship with your company, and this personal letter is intended only to express my thanks. This device restored my quality of life. It helped not only myself but also the children who come to my clinic with intense pain, and within minutes feel a significant improvement. I hope that further clinical studies will be conducted, and I have no doubt that these will demonstrate that Handy Cure is a must in any home. In my case, at least, it was a life saver.

I wish you the best of health,

Dr. I. Goldschmidtת Pediatrician