Self Health Treatment and Monitoring


".... Different people can react in different ways, but overall we have been most impressed with the results of all the tests and trials we have run."

Many professionals such as physiotherapists are already using this technology as an alternative to ultrasound. We tried it out on three people with different conditions. Here are their comments:

Jack, aged 50, lower back ache.
"I was willing to give anything a go as I have had backache on and off for 20 years. You feel like such a little machine can't actually do any good, but after two weeks using it for just 10 minutes a day I started to look forward to my sessions. It was warming and I felt more flexible afterwards. I would like to try it out for longer."

John, aged 46, whiplash
"I was on the receiving end of a nasty tackle during a "friendly" Sunday morning rugby tackle. By the evening my neck was really aching and I was dreading what I would be like the next day. I applied the TerraQuant to one specific muscle which felt really stiff for ten minutes. The next morning I could barely feel anything. I am sure it helped warm and relax the muscle. It was almost like it helped release it from a spasm."

Steve aged 22, shoulder pain
"I wrenched my shoulder at work while digging and shovelling wet earth. I am a fit guy and quite muscular, but I must have twisted myself while digging and it really hurt. I combined using the TerraQuant with applying icepacks. I used it twice a day for a week and the pain went away. "

Debra Aspinall, Editor, Limited Edition Magazine April/May 2005